B2B Strategies

Strategic Communications

Strategic communications is the art and science of determining how to communicate effectively with current and new prospective clients. B2B Marketing Pros can develop a plan to enhance your branding and identify new business opportunities. A fresh perspective allows us to explore which communications tools can have the most impact on your bottom line.  We analyze traditional media tools such as advertising, tradeshows, direct mail and public relations (PR). PR tools include:  press releases, articles, press conferences, media tours, media coaching and training, presentations, and memberships in professional, civic and trade organizations. Newer tools include online advertising, website optimization, content writing, blogging, and social media, including LinkedIn™.

LinkedIn™ is an example of a growing business and professional social media tool. Used correctly, it can increase your brand awareness. This applies to companies and individuals. B2B Marketing Pros can develop a targeted plan to enhance you brand awareness and expand your professional network. We can write or update your present profile, recommend keywords and groups, and provide you with an action plan to selectively increase your professional network

Case Study

A Ph.D. professor with a reputation for cutting edge research wanted to increase her visibility in the U.S. and abroad and generate consulting opportunities.  B2B Marketing Pros developed a branding and strategic communications program that resulted in presentations in Europe, Asia, Australia as well as the United States.  Her presentation at the San Antonio TEDx conference on the Factors Influencing Latino/Hispanic Caregivers‘ Perception of the Experience of Caring for a Relative with Alzheimer‘s Disease went viral. This led to national and international awards, as well as increased brand awareness. Our strategic communications program included LinkedIn™.  We wrote her page and packaged it for more visibility. Several of the keywords we incorporated in her profile caused a national healthcare company to invite the professor to participate in one of their national conferences, paving the way for additional consulting income.

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