Government Marketing | TXMAS


Want to expedite contracting with the State of Texas?

The State of Texas uses the Texas Multiple Award System (TXMAS) as a contracting vehicle to speed up the contract award process.  TXMAS rates are based on GSA approved rates.  You don’t have to have an office in Texas to obtain a TXMAS contract.  If you have a GSA contract in good standing, you may already qualify!

Spur your sales with a TXMAS contract!

Typical Requests for Proposals can take from three to six months. TXMAS Requests for Proposals can take place in terms of days or weeks. Under this contracting vehicle, only qualified TXMAS vendors can bid on it, so competition is limited. It also allows you to market directly to other government agencies, cities, counties, school districts, and more. And, it allows you to promote your goods and services in a more targeted way.

To find out more about the benefits of getting a TXMAS contract,  Contact us!