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Government Marketing

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At B2B Marketing Pros we are experts in business to government marketing. We have more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and obtaining contracts with federal agencies. What’s the secret? We develop targeted business development strategies and plans of actions to market your company effectively to the federal government. And, we provide professional experts that can guide you through the federal contracting maze.

The U.S. government purchases more goods and services annually than any other organization in the nation. Knowing how to market and sell effectively to the government is a challenge. The process can be expedited if your company gets certified with a government contracting vehicle. While there are other certifications available, at B2B we specialize in the General Services Administration Contract (GSA), SBA’s 8(a) and, TXMAS certifications.

B2B Marketing Pros can provide you with business development services to:

  • Prepare GSA contract submission packages as well as for 8(a) and TXMAS certifications
  • Assist in negotiations with these government contracts
  • Identify specific federal agencies that buy your products or services
  • Create business development strategies and plans of actions
  • Seek teaming partners
  • Provide marketing support on a monthly basis or as needed
  • Develop capabilities statements and corporate presentations
  • Design government marketing web pages to add to your existing website


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