Business to Business Marketing Pros

B2B Marketing Pros

B2B Marketing Pros (B2B Marketing) is a business to business marketing, business development and GSA Contract Proposals firm with 25 years’ experience. We fine-tune clients’ branding and marketing programs to stimulate increased awareness and generate new prospective clients.

Our strategic communications approach to every project is to tailor marketing initiatives with your success in mind. We analyze, study, research and develop targeted marketing, public relations, and new business development programs in all of our projects.  B2B Marketing excels at implementing strategic communications, public relations, web development and design, online advertising and social media campaigns.

B2B Marketing also specializes in preparing GSA Contract Proposalss as well as, 8(a), and TXMAS certification services.  These contract vehicles can help sell your company’s goods and services to the federal government. We have a successful track record in marketing effectively to the federal government.

Additionally, our firm is bicultural and bilingual in Spanish and English, and our proven expertise can provide you with a roadmap to successfully take advantage of the growing Hispanic population. We are experts at tailoring your marketing materials, including your existing website, to attract business from Hispanics.

B2B Marketing services include:


  • Develop targeted marketing plans of action to attract new customers
  • Conduct competitive marketing research
  • Create targeted marketing plans designed to attract new customers

Strategic Communications

  • Produce communications tools and programs
  • Create branding, public relations and social media campaigns
  • Develop websites (also in Spanish)
  • Write fresh content to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Provide both traditional and online advertising
  • We can improve your LinkedIn™ page, enhance you brand awareness  and expand your professional network.

New Business Development

  • Design targeted business development programs
  • Develop action plans to reach new potential new clients cost effectively
  • Provide ongoing consultation to tweak and adjust the action plans 

Government Marketing:

  • Prepare GSA contracts submission packages as well as 8 (a) and TXMAS certifications
  • Create action plans to market effectively to the government
  • Design and produce promotional materials tailored to market to the federal government
  • Provide monthly marketing and sales support

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